Dr Mark Nicely

Dr. Mark Nicely is currently the Deputy Secretary General of the Jamaica Teachers' Association JTA. His portfolio responsibility is Member Services and Industrial Relations. Previously, he served as President of the JTA for the Conference year 2014 – 2015.

He is an Educator who has served at every level of the education sector, including being External Examiner of the Joint Board of Teacher Education; and has lectured at the Mico University College, Northern Caribbean University, HEART Trust/NTA and the International College of the Caribbean. Dr. Nicely is currently an inspector for the Jamaica Tertiary Commission and is a final marker for research and thesis papers at colleges and universities.

Dr. Nicely has also served as teacher of Mathematics and Science, Senior Teacher - level 3, Guidance Counsellor and Principal of Hayes Primary and Junior High School from September 2004 – April 2011. While at Hayes Primary and Junior High School, he was awarded top principal of Region 6 and was one of 6 finalists in the Lasco Principal of the Year Award.

He was also principal of the William Knibb Memorial High School from May 2011 to April 2015. The final year of his tenure at the school saw the largest number of students qualifying for the school academic graduation based on the regional CSEC results.

Dr. Nicely holds Diplomas in Teaching, Retail and Trade and School Management, a Bachelor’s degree in Guidance and Counselling, a Masters in Adult Education/Lifelong Learning and A Doctorate in Counselling Psychology. Additionally, he has numerous certifications reflecting his recognition of the importance of continued professional development.

He is passionate about the success of the education system, as well as the welfare of the nation’s teachers, children and the country as a whole. It therefore came as no surprise when he offered himself to serve at various levels of Jamaica's most powerful Trade Union, the Jamaica Teachers' Association, where he served as District Association President, Parish President and Chairman of the Standing Committees. Dr Nicely then rose to become the President of this prestigious organization where he contributed significantly in keeping its Industrial Relations and Professional arm in sharp focus.

Dr. Nicely believes in lifelong personal and professional development. He is a transformational leader who continues to be an advocate for educational and social issues which is borne out in the numerous articles he has written and which have been featured in the print and electronic media. An articulate speaker, Dr. Nicely could very well be considered among the popular choice of persons for speaking engagements.

Dr. Nicely, whose leadership is rooted in Christian principles, lives by the philosophy “Mankind was born to be saved”. He is Baptist by denomination and is an active member of the Sydenham Baptist Church.

In addition to the foregoing, Dr. Nicely currently serves as Justice of the Peace for the parish of Kingston and is 1st Vice President of Educom Co-operative Credit Union.

He describes himself as a workaholic but has managed to create that balance between work and family. He is married to Nathalee Nicely and is the father of two beautiful princesses, Abbigel and Amiya.

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