Miss Yanique Brown

Miss Yanique Brown is a lecturer of Sociology and Caribbean Studies at the Montego Bay Community College. She was integral and actively instrumental in the training of primary education teachers to effectively incorporate technology in their classroom. She is the proud founder of the Golden Door Development Centre, a non-profit organization designed to vigilantly empower the nation’s women through literacy and skill training.

Her Master’s thesis: Adult Learner’s Online Learning Experience: Methodologies, Motivations and Student Perceptions which provides an in-depth qualitative analysis of the online experience of adult learners enrolled in an online post graduate degree program. The research creates the groundwork for determining the level of cognitive engagement, student motivations and perceptions. This research paper will be published in the Jamaica Teacher’s Educational Journal and may also be found in the Mico University College’s library catalogue.

Miss Brown is currently pursuing her doctoral degree in curriculum and instruction, which she characterizes as a step towards forging a path toward the accomplishment of a mission; a mission characterized by the empowerment and advancement of the nation’s disenfranchised women.</p