The Role of Community Colleges in restoring the Family as a Pillar of National Health and Development

For generations the Natural Family has been recognized as the fundamental unit of society and inextricably linked to societal health, wellness, and development.

However, over the past fifty years, in the span of one generation, the nuclear family has become fragmented and unstable, almost non-existent in many societies, with a devastating impact on the social fabric of many countries worldwide, especially in the west, including developing states such as Jamaica.

Fueling the ongoing fragmentation and instability of the natural family, is a sharp decline in traditional marriage, increasing divorce rates, and fatherlessness. Further, from a growing body of compelling, research-generated evidence, male-related factors are at the root of the unprecedented decline in traditional marriage and the family. Males feature prominently, from research, in the cause and effect of this social crisis.

Re-establishing the natural family in the interest of Societal Health and National Development, must therefore begin with re-establishing authentic manhood.

The presented paper examines the evidence supporting these statements, and introduces an initiative targeting males with an overall aim of restoring manhood in the context of the family and the wider society. The important role of Community Colleges is examined in this regard.

Keywords: Natural family, traditional marriage, fatherlessness, fragmented, unstable, manhood, societal health, National development.

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