Analysis of Students' Performance in Mathematics, English A and Integrated Science by hours of study and study habits in select school in central Jamaica: A Multivariate Approach

Academic performance indicators for Jamaica reveal suboptimal performance in English A, Mathematics and Science; particularly at the secondary level. The continuous underachievement in the Caribbean Examination Council Examination (CXC) in these three core subjects is a problem, especially in the Caribbean region. Using the multivariate approach this study examined the relationship between hours of study, study habits and academic performance. The Data were collected from 117 students in educational institutions in Central Manchester (n=117 students). The study habit scale utilized had a Cronbach’s reliability coefficient of 0.9. The findings showed that there is no statistically mean difference between the dependent variable (academic performance) and the independent variables (study habits and hours of study). The analysis of the between –subjects effects results in a statistical significant relationship between hours spent studying and performance in Mathematics. (F 4.204, p.043). There were no statistically significant mean in performance in English A, Mathematics and Science based on study habits and hours of study. This study recommends that further research be done using other variables to determine what is impacting students’ academic performance in Mathematics, English A and Science.

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