Industrial Relations

This presentation will focus on Grievance Procedure and the stages of disputes for all categories of workers to include: administrators and teachers, the administrative staff and the ancillary staff.

Specifically, the presentation will highlight the various instruments to be used in the Industrial Relations Process to include:


Category A:

  • The Education Act, 1965
  • The Education Regulation, 1980 and Circulars
  • Issued by the Minister explaining these Regulations
  • The National Council on Education Act, 1993          

Category B:

  • Child Care and Protection Act, 2014
  • Juvenile Act
  • Apprenticeship Act 

Category C:

  • Labour Relations Code, 1979
  • Labour Relations and Industrial Disputes Act, 1975
  • The Pension (Teachers) Act, 1979 [to be repealed]


Category D:

  • Offences against the Person Act
  • The Sexual Offences Act, 2009


International Conventions:

  • UNESCO:  International Conventions on the Rights of the Child
  • ILO Conventions


Code of Ethics:

  • Jamaica Teachers’ Association (JTA):  Code of Ethics
  • Ministry of Education, Youth and Information (MoEYI):  Code of Ethics developed by the Jamaica Teaching Council (JTC)  in collaboration with the JTA



Fundamentally, the presentation will use genuine examples to concretize concepts in Industrial Relations.


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