TVET: Bridging the Gap between Secondary Education and Career Development

Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) has emerged as a dynamic force of influence which instigates social and economic development. The strategic implementation of policies and practices within education reflect distinctively on the productivity experienced in schools and on a national level. This research paper, utilizes a mixed methods approach to explore the students’ perception of the pursuit of TVET during high school. The project enabled students to voice their opinion on the access they have been given to TVET. The results showed that the students held a clear understanding of the benefits associated with having access to TVET and were confident in their pursuit at the secondary stage of education. The students thought that their parents were supportive and found solace in the access they had to TVET in high school; the parents felt that the opportunity created an impactful linkage with career development. The findings are significant as they provide insight into a territory of education that is rarely ventured into by research and encourages administrators to consider the views of the students and act on them. Community Colleges have been established as a reliable platform for high school graduates to transition into tertiary education. It is imperative that these colleges establish relationships with the High Schools – the students, teachers, parents and other stakeholders and forge relationships towards proper career development advisement.

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