Communication and Collaboration tools are important for educators and their students as they travel through the world of academia. Students use technology to communicate ideas and information, and work collaboratively to support individual needs and contribute to the learning of others. Collaboration in the classroom helps students to share ideas, increases peer interactive and builds cohesiveness, improves creativity and problem solving. Communication and collaboration tools can be used to extend learning beyond the class session; involve students in the class session who are off-campus; and foster group work within the class session among students.

The presentation seeks to highlight three free tools which can be used to communicate and collaborate with students inside and outside the classroom. The presenter will conduct a workshop in the use of the Kahoot, Blogger and Quick Response (QR) Codes to actively engage students.

Kahoot is a free online game-based learning platform that makes learning fun. Students are able to play in teams or individually as questions appear on a shared screen and they respond to the questions on their devices. Blogger is a free tool used to create blogs. It is hosted on Google platform that can be used to post class discussion, give feedback, update students on upcoming events and assignments and upload documents, pictures and videos for discussion.

QR Codes is a useful eco-friendly tool. They are easy to read and students are fascinated by them. It is a quick scannable barcode-like image that directs you to a specific digital destination. QR Codes can be used for easy access to quizzes, websites, worksheets, PowerPoint presentations, videos, apps etc.

Participants will be fully engaged and should bring their own devices. They are asked to download and install the following applications before the session. Kahoot, Blogger and QR Droid Code Scanner.

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