Presentation on Pubic Sector Pension Reform

This presentation will reflect on the current Teachers’ Pension Act and do a comparison with the proposed Public Sector Pension Reform. The focus areas will be:

  •  Treatment of temporary service prior to reform and permanent appointment post reform;
  •  Contribution of temporary works to the fund;
  •  Function of trustees of the fund;
  •  Vesting period;
  •  Pensionable emoluments;
  •  Commencement of Government of Jamaica’s contribution to the fund;
  •  Establishment of the fund;
  •  Early retirement
  •  Re-engagement of public officers;
  •  Refund of contribution;
  •  Indexation of pension.      


The presentation will address the time-table for implementation and the overall effects said implementation will have on the members of the Jamaica Teachers’ Association.


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