Expanding Opportunity for All: How Can We Increase Community College Student Completion?

The League for Innovation’s Faculty Voices initiative is focused on engaging community college faculty in important conversations about student completion, with a goal to learn about faculty concerns regarding the strong emphasis on certificate and degree completion, and their perspectives on individual and institutional practices that are effective in helping students succeed. In these conversations, project staff are using a Choicework Discussion Starter prepared for Faculty Voices by Public Agenda. The Choicework process involves an examination of several approaches to thinking about a complex issue – in this case, increasing student completion – and concludes with a summary of common ground, areas of disagreement, outstanding questions, and next steps.

This session includes an orientation to the Choicework Discussion Starter process, a discussion of resources for moderating productive conversations using this process, and an introduction to the Expanding Opportunity for All Choicework Discussion Starter created for Faculty Voices. Learn how to engage faculty and others in important conversations about student success, and how these discussions can lead to meaningful action to improve student retention and completion at your college. Learn, too, how to access the free toolkit, which includes the Expanding Opportunity for All discussion starter, a detailed moderator guide, four moderator training videos, and a guide to using the videos.

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